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Croatia: OiV bids for 3 DTT multiplexes

June 19, 2019

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

Croatian DTT and WiMax operator Odašiljači i Veze (OiV) has submitted a bid on the public tender for the use of radio frequency spectrum for national DTT multiplexes M1, M2 and L1.

As the only bidder, OiV is confident it will receive a licence and start broadcasting the new M2 multiplex in HD resolution in the DVB-T2 system with HEVC coding from the Sljeme transmitter, which covers the capital Zagreb, as of 15 September.

National coverage (for 97 per cent of the population) would follow by November 15th, in parallel with the existing DVB-T channels in SD resolution.

With the expiry of the existing licences for multiplexes A and B, on July 1st 2020, OiV plans to activate the new M1 multiplex and fully switch to the DVB-T2 broadcasting system nationwide with 99 per cent population coverage.

At the same time, all regional TV channels in the M2 multiplex will switch to the DVB-T2 system and will be able to broadcast in HD or SD resolution, depending on the broadcaster’s choice.

Currently, 35 TV channels are distributed in Croatia via four DTT multiplexes (A, B, D and L) in SD quality.

Although DTT is still the most important TV distribution platform, it is losing its importance from year to year. The decline was slowed down by the introduction of evo TV, a pay-TV service via DTT, but is still constant.

Other platforms offer more TV channels, interactivity, connection with other services (Internet, telephony). OiV hopes that the introduction of the new DVB-T2/HEVC standard in DTT will allow the introduction of HD and more pay-TV channels.

From a financial point of view, OiV estimates that the new project will be in the red for the two years, after which it will turn a profit.

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