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VIDEOFUTUR launches full IP multiscreen TV

July 3, 2019

Fibre Internet Service Provider VIDEOFUTUR, part of the Netgem group, has announced major changes to their proposition, available on all Public Initiative Networks (‘Réseaux d’Initiatives Publics’). This is an avalanche of news and a turning point for VIDEOFUTUR which strengthens its position as the # 1 alternative operator on these networks: whether it’s innovation, user experience, abundance of content, or even competitiveness of its fibre offerings.

For Mathias Hautefort, President of VITIS: “Entertainment, Innovation, Personalisation, Simplicity are the benchmarks that have guided us in the evolution of our VIDEOFUTUR offers. We decided to put the Fibre at the service of entertainment in all its forms, in mobility, on all the screens of the house and accessible to all with fibre offers from 19,90 € / month. I thank on this occasion all the partners who trusted us “.

VIC, the new 100% Digital proposition, supports the emergence of the ‘digital native’ generation in the way viewers now consumer audiovisual content. VIDEOFUTUR launches its VIC offer, an offer without a TV box. Offered at the price of € 32.90 / month, it combines the best of very high speed (Internet fibre up to 1Gb / s downstream) and the best content (Live TV, replay, SVOD, nPVR) on tablet, smartphone and computer via the multi-screen application myVIDEOFUTUR. The 100% digital VIC offer is the guarantee of the highest throughput with the flexibility of multi-screens.

VICTORIA, the 100% Entertainment offer. VICTORIA is the most complete and the most competitive offer on the market. A proposition designed for all new digital usages. The historic offer of VIDEOFUTUR takes a new step by integrating numerous innovations and new partners. Thanks to its new Replay services, the availability of its multi-screen application myVIDEOFUTUR, the launch of nPVR with all major French channels and the addition of new services like Youtube, VIDEOFUTUR increases its attractiveness among its subscribers and positions itself with this 100% entertainment offer. Still available at € 39.90 / month with a downlink rate of up to 1Gb / s and the richness of its SVOD offer included, the VICTORIA offer integrates at no extra charge for customers the option “Unlimited calls to landlines & mobiles “for the duration of their 12-month commitment.

A special launch offer, the VICTORIA offer will be offered at a price of € 29.90 and the VIC offer at € 19.90 (promotional rates valid for 6 months). This promotion is available all summer.

The new Multiscreen application – Content on any screen

myVIDEOFUTUR. The strength of multi-screens VIDEOFUTUR Fibre subscribers can now access all their content anywhere, anytime. Available on smartphone & tablet (iOS and Android), PC and MAC, the myVIDEOFUTUR application allows you to take your TV, replay and VOD contents and access them on any screen.

Recording anywhere with nPVR. Recording is now available on any screen with a simple click At home, on his box TV, or anywhere else with his application myVIDEOFUTUR, the subscriber VIDEOFUTUR can in one click program recording 80 hours of programmes. The recordings are stored for 3 months in a personal cloud and accessible from any device. All of these innovations were carried out internally by the VIDEOFUTUR teams, based on technologies developed by the Netgem Group.

From Replay to Premium. The best services available on all screens VIDEOFUTUR provides its subscribers with all the premium features offered by the TF1 Group as part of the agreement announced at the beginning of the year. This launch is accompanied by the resumption of the non-linear services of M6’s TNT channels (M6, W9 and 6ter), as part of the signing of a new global distribution agreement. VIDEOFUTUR subscribers can therefore enjoy the best replay services: myTF1, France.TV, 6PLAY, but also ARTE, C8 / Cstar, Gulli, or the Team. They can of course choose to register via the nPVR the programs of their choice.

New 4K HDR TV box

New 4K HDR TV box and new TV interface. The product fades in favor of the user experience. The way in which viewers consume their entertainment is changing every day: linear and delineated content is now one. They seek to personalize their experience and their worlds, through live channels, replay or VOD. With its new TV interface, driven by the power of the fibre and a new TV Box 4K HDR always smaller but still more powerful, VIDEOFUTUR embraces this evolution and brings a new way of watching television.

Extra content with Mediawan. The best premium channels available with VIDEOFUTUR After announcing a few weeks ago a distribution agreement with Lagardère (Mezzo, CanalJ and TiJi) and TRACE (Trace Urban and TRACE Latina), VIDEOFUTUR is expanding its TV offering and offering its subscribers 11 new Mediawan group channels: RTL9, AB1, Science & TV Life, All of History, Automoto, Mangas, Trek, Crime District, Animals, Hunting & Fishing and Golf Channel. VIDEOFUTUR’s fibre subscribers will be able to enjoy it live and replay in September, via their Box TV and on all the screens of the foyer with myVIDEOFUTUR.

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