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Leader introduces LV5900 HD/4K/8K multi-standard waveform Monitor to European market

July 30, 2019

Leader Electronics has chosen IBC 2019 as the European launch venue for its LV5900 HD/4K/8K multi-standard waveform monitor. First announced at the Las Vegas NAB 2019 Show in April, the LV5900 is designed for content producers, broadcasters and equipment manufacturers progressing into the Super Hi-Vision standard.

“8K is a forward-looking standard which will carry the television industry into an age of wall-sized display panels and ultra-realistic cinema-style home viewing,” comments Leader Europe Managing Director Koichi Fukagawa. “The LV5900 is designed for producers who want to create content in the highest possible technical quality, not least for OB companies covering the 2020 summer of sport for 8K broadcasters such as NHK. It is a no-compromise instrument providing all the features necessary for studio operation, live sports or large-scale stage entertainment. A new Leader-developed focus detection algorithm applies nonlinear super-resolution technology even to low-contrast images for which focus errors were previously difficult to detect.”

“Leader has geared the LV5900 for a world in which 8K production becomes the affordable norm rather than an esoteric high-end option,” adds Leader Europe Business Development Manager Kevin Salvidge. “That trend in equipment availability and pricing was clearly evident at the NAB event in Vegas, encouraged both by NHK’s decision to start regular 8K broadcasting and by the gradual reduction in the price of 8K home-TV displays. 8K requires that producers take ever greater care to ensure the vast improvement in deliverable picture quality is maintained right through the delivery chain.”

Housed in a half-rack-width by 4U high portable unit with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution 9 inch front-panel monitor, the LV54900 is compatible with the SMPTE ST2082-12 standard which receives 8K images via 12G-SDI quad link. Measurement capabilities include video signal waveform display, vector display, picture display, eye pattern display, five-bar display, CIE chromaticity display, freeze error detection, black error detection and gamut error detection.

Up to four inputs can be displayed simultaneously in various user-definable configurations, or one input signal can be displayed on multiple screens. Status display allows operators to check the status of errors at any instant or compile a record of events along a user-definable timeline. Enhanced data analysis can also be performed. Operators can graphically check the phase difference and sync status of incoming SDI video based on the external reference sync signal (black burst or tri-level sync).

HDR support is provided for HLG, Dolby PQ, S-Log3, C-Log, Log-C and OOTF. In the LV54900’s Cinezone display, the brightness of the HDR area is displayed by rendering the SDR area in monochrome and the HDR area in a brightness-dependent colour.

Eye pattern and jitter can be displayed on SDI signals from HD-SDI up to to 12G-SDI. These measured values can be measured automatically or under cursor control. In addition, the histogram can be superimposed and displayed on the eye pattern display.

The LV54900 can decode and display subtitles superimposed on SDI signals, CEA-608, CEA-708 closed captions, and Teletext OP47 subtitles.

Patterns can be output in various forms, including HD multi format colour bars, 4K multi format colour bars and HDR colour bars.

Audio measurement facilities include audio-to-SDI embedding, externally input MADI audio signals, level meter display, Lissajous display, loudness display, mute and clip error detection. Detected errors can be recorded as an event log.

A screen capture function is included to capture the display screen as still image data. Also provided is a frame capture function to capture frames including blanking periods. Frame capture data can be checked on a PC and searched for errors using the frame capture viewer. Time code can be superimposed on the SDI signal and also used to timestamp logged events.

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