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WeTek helps Intek and Transvision deploy Android TV in Indonesia

September 1, 2019

WeTek has announced a successful partnership with Intekand Transvision, helping both companies deliver an Android TV solution towards Indonesia. The projectincludedthedesign of the company’s newest set-top box line.

WeTek’s fruitful path in developing video distribution solutions for companies in the industry has taken another important step. Very recently, the company has extended their services towards providing professional consultancy, taking advantage of their unique expertise in the Android TV realm to help other businesses grow in a smart and scalable way. This is as true for already established players, who want to broaden their horizon taking on new challenges, as it is for players who are just now taking on the industry and want, not only a plan, butthe best tools at their disposal to succeed.

Intek, the Korean company with a 15-year journey in the DVB set-top boxbusiness, was admittedly at a standstill when faced with the challenges of OTT becoming a major commodity. With that in mind, it reachedout to WeTek, and their decade long affair with the subject matter, providing guidance in a project commissioned by Transvision, one of Indonesia’s leading satellite and cable providers.WeTek’s assessment, that Android TV would be a good match for the undertaking proved correct, as it brings together the already established Transvision service with the world of OTT.WeTek, being a Google partner and an authority in Android TV development, not only built a roadmap for the product but made availablethe tools to develop it, bypassing the hassle of finding the right company for each specific step, which attests to the benefits of being a one-stop shop.

“The services provided by WeTek were so valuable to this project, that I can surely say they will stand as the foudation for Intek’s future projects. WeTek has such a future oriented approach that we might have justopened up our business toterritories we never set footon.The future seems bright, said Shine Kim, Intek CEO.

“We want to keep expanding our set-top box business through our consulting services. We were always given great praise by the people who work with us and the companies that reach out to us, so it seemed fairly natural to bring this approach to the table and offer it right from the start. Working with Intek,in givingtransvision a powerful Android TV based service, we are as proud of the results we set ourselves to achieve, as we are of the importance it meant for both companies,” said Hugo Condesa, WeTek CEO.

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