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Pluto TV brings Viacom channels to Germany, Austria, Switzerland

September 10, 2019

Ad-funded streaming platform Pluto TV Europe, has announced the launches of Comedy Central Pluto TV and Comedy Central – Made in Germany as new destinations featuring classic comedy series, stand-up shows and adult-oriented animation. Comedy Central Pluto TV highlights some of the best of Comedy Central’s library of iconic international and local German series while Comedy Central – Made in Germany is an all-new channel designed to feature local productions that spotlight German talent.

Comedy Central – Made in Germany showcases stand-up classics such as Comedy Central Presents: Standup 3000 and episodes of the award-winning NightWash. Aside from stand-up comedy, news and hot topics are also being featured on the Pluto TV-exclusive channel. On CC:N – Comedy Central News, created in the style of a news magazine, anchor Ingmar Stadelmann satirically discusses current absurdities and trends.

Comedian and Standup 3000 host Maxi Gstettenbauer welcomes the launch of Comedy Central – Made in Germany as a unique and refreshing platform for German talents: “The new Pluto TV channel is such a great around-the-clock venue for the finest German comedy. From sketch comedy to stand-up – you can find everything and it’s all for free: It is the perfect way to catch up on the first seasons of my show Standup 3000, before the start of the new season on Comedy Central!”

An all-new channel for everything fun, Comedy Central Pluto TV offers an essential library of hilarious international productions. The prominent shows featured on the channel span from satirical cartoon reality show Drawn Together to live-action Detroiters, following two local ad men creating low-budget commercials while having high-class goals. Legendary Takeshi’s Castle Thailand, showcasing average citizens participating in challenging games, completes the top-class programme.

“We’re thrilled to bring some of the best comedic talents from around the world to Pluto TV viewers”, stated Olivier Jollet, Managing Director Europe at Pluto TV. “Those still believing that Germans lack a certain sense of humour should turn on Comedy Central – Made in Germany, the place that gives German comics centre stage.“

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