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ruwido drives personalisation

September 12, 2019

Colin Mann @ IBC

Input device and interaction mechanism specialist ruwido is rethinking the remote control. Instead of a device with a button to turn on the TV, the future remote control is about access to added value, which makes daily life easy and more convenient.

“TICTACTILE. 7.0 is the result of the transformation process of the remote control, similar to the way we saw the feature phone evolve into the smartphone,” explains Ferdinand Maier, CEO, ruwido.

With its new ecosystem, ruwido is using smart phones as a hub, an access point to networks aiming to make simple tasks simple again and to ensure convenient personalisation of content and services via the remote control.

ruwido’s TICTACTILE. 7.0 mechanism, is the next generation of the TICTACTILE. system, and continues the 3×4 structure, including its haptic landmarks, which are now visually supported depending on the service addressed.

The advanced system makes it possible to navigate entertainment on the TV screen as usual. But now further appliances like within the convenient home, can also be managed independently of the big screen, and in a consistent way directly on the remote. This means that users no longer have to unlock the smart phone, search for an app and get a system started, as it can be directly displayed on the remote.

Not only home appliances or active speakers such as Sonos can be integrated, the system can also incorporate leading OTT streaming services such as Netflix or Spotify. Thanks to the system’s ability to recognise the user, it can instantly give access to personal settings, playlists or profiles.

“With our TICTACTILE. 7.0, we manage the TV entertainment system as well as the ‘convenient home’ in a comfortable way,” added Maier. “We see the remote as the steering wheel of the living room – an easy device to manage a complex engine – with the overall aim to put the user back in control.”

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