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SpaceX offers to buy homes close to launch site

September 19, 2019

By Chris Forrester

Rocket business SpaceX is offering three-times a fair market value for some homes adjacent to its Boca Chica Village launch site.

The South Texas area, near the town of Brownsville in Cameron County, is where SpaceX is building its ‘Starship’ project and is testing the rocket system which, founder Elon Musk hopes will take humans to Mars. The small community at Boca Chica has about 20 – mostly elderly – residents.

SpaceX received permission in 2014 to build a spaceport at the site and to launch orbital rockets. Recently the site has seen a prototype rocket reach some 500 ft into the air as it is tested. However, the launch site is just 1.5 miles away from the residents. SpaceX has written to residents saying public health and safety considerations are behind the offer.

SpaceX, as well as offering three times a “fair market value” will also pay legal and other moving costs. “In appreciation of your support, we will offer all residents of the Village who accept the purchase offer the opportunity to continue their connection with the development of Starship by extending an invitation to attend future private VIP launch viewing events that are unavailable to the public,” said the offer letter.

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