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Survey: Developers gear up for rapid adoption of 5G

October 9, 2019

Seventy per cent of developers worldwide expect 5G to dominate in their countries within the next 2 years, according to Evans Data’s Global Development Survey.

The survey, conducted in 6 languages across 120 countries showed a large appetite for 5G, but with significant differences between regions. For example, in North America, where adoption uptake is expected to be the fastest, 80 per cent of developers believe 5G will dominate in 2 years’ time while 56 per cent estimate it won’t take more than one year, and 28 per cent think it will be dominant in 6 months. Compare this with the EMEA region where only 7 per cent think 5G will dominate in 6 months, and 32 per cent predict 5G dominance within the coming year.

Developers worldwide agree that Internet of Things is the area that will most benefit from the capabilities and performance that 5G will bring, although there is a lot of anticipation surrounding Big Data gathering and processing, especially in the APAC region, where over a quarter of the developers feel that will be the biggest capability enhancement.

How will 5G affect software development? In North America over half of the developers plan to use more video, and 42 per cent will integrate more audio. However, in the APAC region developers are more likely to be planning to use more complex user interactions and to implement more Natural User Interfaces (NUIs).

“The benefits of 5G aren’t simply faster connection speeds,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data. “5G will bring capabilities for smarter and safer cities, continual interconnectivity, and new ways of interacting with technology.”

The Global Development Survey is produced twice a year and provides technology adoption trends and snapshots across regions for some of the hottest topics in development today, including: Cloud computing, Blockchain, Virtual machines, microservices and containers, Quantum computing, HPC, Development lifecycle, Development tools, languages and platforms, and much more.

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