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Israel’s Yes to abandon satellite?

October 30, 2019

By Chris Forrester

Israeli satellite pay-TV provider Yes has launched an internet-based TV service called Yes+. The broadcaster, a subsidiary of telco Bezeq, says that it is now changing from a satellite service provider to an internet-based provider and in the process would abandon satellite-delivered services.

Yes CEO Ran Guron told Globes newspaper that work on building the service took a year and that Yes was the first in technological leadership, and now it is switching to the Internet, and the change is in full swing. “The customer wants to receive a new, more sophisticated television service,” he commented.

Guron added: “We have a launched a triple service that for the first time allows us the vision of one-stop service. The jewel in the crown is the streaming, giving us clear leadership in the customer experience. We are embarking on a process of abandoning satellite which will take several years. In today’s event, our partner is Apple. We worked together on an unprecedented model for a new offering to the customer.”

This is not the first time that Yes mentioned the switch away from satellite. Back in March this year Bezeq talked about the move and immediately shares in satellite operator Spacecom crashed 10 per cent.

At that time Bezeq admitted that the change to an all-internet based service could take years, with Spacecom emphasising that with its joint work with Yes, it continues to carry out its business plans and achieve its targets. Yes accounts for some 29 per cent of Spacecom’s revenues.

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