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SpaceX to launch 60 satellites on Nov 11

November 7, 2019

By Chris Forrester

SpaceX is planning to launch 60 of its ‘Starlink’  mini-satellites on November 11th. This second batch of satellites will help populate the proposed $10 billion mega-constellation that SpaceX is planning, and adds to the 62 already orbited in May 2019 (not all of which are still active).

SpaceX admits that the hard work in completing the 12,000-craft system is starting in earnest, with multiple rocket launches planned over this winter at a target rate of a launch every two weeks or so.

This next batch will launch from its Florida facility at Cape Canaveral.

This second batch will help build the initial 1,600 satellites needed to provide an initial – probably limited – service with a commercial operation beginning in 2020.

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