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Inter Milan drives fan engagement growth

December 4, 2019

A partnership between Inter Milan (FC Internazionale) and digital media company Dugout has allowed the football club to better engage with both new and existing fans, and increase its global footprint.

The long-term collaboration has provided the Serie A side with what is described as “unique and engaging” video content, bringing fans closer to the club and its players. It has also enabled the club to reach a wider audience through Dugout’s global network of premium publishers.

Dugout is co-owned by 10 of the world’s biggest football clubs, while partnering with 95 others, and has unrivalled access to an extensive global network of brands, clubs, advertisers, and publishers. The company develops on-brand video content received direct from the clubs and ensures it appears in contextually relevant environments to boost reader engagement and dwell time.

Since working with Dugout, Inter Milan (FC Internazionale) has had full transparency and control over its exclusive content, allowing it to leverage both real-time and archived footage to engage fans through the right platforms. The club can also access Dugout’s data to achieve access to deeper insights, furthering its understanding of who fans are and which content resonates best with them.

The partnership has enabled Inter Milan (FC Internazionale) to:

  • Increase its video views by 142 per cent – from seven million to 17 million within a three month period
  • Increase its global footprint and attract new fans
  • Increase levels of fan engagement and unique visits to its own website

“Partnering with Dugout has given us an amazing opportunity to reach a wider global audience and truly understand our fanbase,” commented Luigi Ecuba, Media Content Director, Inter Milan (FC Internazionale). “It’s exciting to work with a team that is passionate about football content and understands our brand guidelines, business model, and our need for full transparency. We look forward to continuing our work with Dugout to offer fans unique and interesting stories about our players and the club.”

“We have a long-standing partnership with Inter Milan (FC Internazionale), and we are thrilled that the creation and delivery of our content is able to drive success for the club when it comes to reaching a globally-relevant audience, along with increasing fan engagement,” added Sebastian Gray, SVP at Dugout.

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