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Thaicom in partnership talks

January 14, 2020

By Chris Forrester

Thailand’s Thaicom satellite operator is talking to three foreign companies about potential partnership agreements and which would lead to the partner taking care of Thaicom’s ground stations and looking after its data transmission business.

Thaicom says the transmission antennas and equipment for converting signals to an internet protocol signal for terrestrial connectivity are already installed. However, the new partner/s would spend around seven months installing the satellite gateway and related infrastructure before starting operations.

An agreement is likely to be struck this year according to Thaicom CEO Anant Kaewruamgvongs, who said that Thaicom could be an interesting option for foreign satellite operators that plan to operate satellite gateway businesses in Thailand.

The move would result in a new revenue stream for Thaicom and is part of the government’s move to build a greater degree of liberalisation in the nation’s communications.

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