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605 launches next-gen TV measurement solution

February 6, 2020

605, a US television measurement and analytics company, has announced the launch of 605 PLATF0RM, a next-generation TV measurement and audience analytics solution for national television networks, advertisers and agencies.

605 PLATF0RM is a web-based application that enables advanced measurement and analysis of TV program,es and advertisements across linear, over-the-air, DVR and set-top box VOD. It capitalises on 605’s multi-source TV dataset comprised of set-top box and smart TV viewership data covering more than 21 million households in the US that is aggregated, anonymised and privacy compliant.  605’s PLATF0RM datasets can be combined and matched with clients’ viewership data. Using what 605 describes as an Identity Layer (or the highly specific attributes of the 21 million households it measures) 605 PLATF0RM users can select, activate and target first- or third-party audience segments or datasets.

“We created a solution that addresses the challenges posed by increased time-shifted viewing of more niche content across a multitude of devices,” said Noah Levine, Chief Revenue Officer at 605. “605 PLATF0RM not only answers the question of ‘how many people are truly watching TV content across devices and over time’ but also bridges data-driven linear with addressable and cross-platform insights. We are delivering a currency grade view of the traditional TV ecosystem that makes it actionable in ways that were never before possible.”

605 PLATF0RM will be initially piloted by Discovery and AMC Networks – both of which have agreed to become the first official programming clients to use 605 PLATF0RM.

“Reliably knowing how and where the passionate viewers of our shows are interacting with our content is more important today than it has ever been, and more challenging,” said Kim Kelleher, president of advertising sales and partnerships for AMC Networks. “605’s PLATF0RM pulls proprietary data from a wide range of sources and then analyzes that data in a way that is invaluable as we seek to leverage the strength of our content for our advertising partners and brands. The days of focusing on any one platform or ratings report are over, in today’s environment we need to focus on everything that is happening and that is the competitive advantage delivered by 605’s PLATF0RM.”

“Consumer viewing habits are changing and the marketplace is undergoing rapid transformation. More than ever, data and technology play an integral role in capturing audience behavior,” added Keith Kazerman, EVP, Digital Ad Sales, Advanced Advertising and Research, Discovery. “Discovery is happy to partner with 605’s platform to help bring the industry closer to the goal of helping to identify the most impactful audiences for our clients, enabling them to tell their story and achieve measurable results.”

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