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Generate accessible and globalised video captions in over 30 languages with StreamTranscribe

February 12, 2020

StreamAMG has announced the release of the automated transcription tool, StreamTranscribe. From today, users can generate video captions in multiple languages from a single source video, meaning content owners can drastically improve the reach and accessibility of video content without adding additional workflows.

StreamTranscribe makes video content both accessible and globalised by generating ready-to-use closed captions in over 30 languages in minutes, eliminating the need to employ separate, time-consuming manual transcription and translation services.

Launched in 2019, StreamTranscribe helps content teams quickly generate accurate captions for video with minimal hassle. The system automatically produces closed captions in approximately half the playback time, adding punctuation, matching speech, and employing text-to-video frame time alignment with natural language processing techniques so the end result is ready to publish immediately.

As accurate as any automated solution on the market, the voice to text transcription tool is built on the market-leading AWS Transcribe service and employs machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to ensure accuracy improves with usage.

Conceived with the needs of busy content teams in mind, StreamTranscribe is designed for flexibility and to sit within existing content workflows. Publishers can simply select individual video files to transcribe or translate, or process new uploads by default according to custom rulesets for maximum efficiency and minimal disruption, all through a single interface.

The system uses word filtering and replacement rules to catch names, profanity and edge cases before they’re processed and deliver a polished end product. Users are charged based on usage, based on the minutes of video transcribed and number of languages translated, rather than an inflexible subscription fee.

Already in use with AFC Bournemouth, the UK Government’s Department of Work and Pensions and other organisations to offer accessible video with speed and accuracy, StreamTranscribe now provides a quick and easy way to connect video content with new audiences worldwide.

“Automated translation is an exciting new addition to StreamAMG’s AI & ML-driven transcription offering, StreamTranscribe. It reflects our commitment to developing innovative video-centric solutions using cutting edge technologies. We’re looking forward to helping our customers reach new audiences worldwide, increase the value of their video content and make compliancy as easy as flipping a switch.”

Andrew De Bono, Chief Technology Officer, StreamAMG.

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