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4Sales launches suites of digital ad products

April 29, 2020

4Sales has unveiled a pioneering collection of data driven, digital ad products on All 4, offering advertisers unique targeting capabilities in a post-GDPR, cookieless environment on a TV VoD player for the first time in the UK.

All 4’s new Advanced Data Suite consists of three key products:

BRANDM4TCH (formerly Project Agora) allows clients to ‘Bring their Own Data’ to target All 4 viewers. 4Sales has partnered with data matching platform InfoSum and data platform mediarithmics to enable brands to match their own first party data with All 4’s 23 million registered users, creating their own bespoke, custom audience segments across all devices All 4 is available.

The innovation enables brands to speak directly to their customers on the All 4 platform in a way that is personal and GDPR compliant. Originally announced at 4Sales’ 2019 Upfront this product is now being trialled with a selection of brands before being rolled out to the wider market.

APPROVED offers targeting solutions for advertisers that are utilising the services of data pairing provider Acxiom to help build pre-existing or bespoke segments on their platform. 4Sales’ is now working with Acxiom to provide additional audience variables, offering clients a greater variety of targeting options and insight opportunities. 4Sales’ agency and client partners will be able to buy Approved segments across All 4 from the end of April 2020.

Using BESPOKE advertisers can ‘Build their own Audience’ to deliver a targeted segment that is tailored to their specific needs, using  a combination of viewer registration data, viewing preferences and All 4 ad delivery.

Enabled through mediarithmics this new product offers more control to agencies and advertisers by allowing them to select and combine existing All 4 audiences and attributes to create segments specific to their campaign and brand. Bespoke can be used to increase either a campaign’s precision or its reach and scale and will also be available from the end of this month.

Jonathan Lewis, Head of Digital and Partnership Innovation said: “4Sales has a strong track record in delivering market-leading addressable advertising innovation, using first party data from All 4’s 23 million registered users. This latest suite of products provides a pioneering and future proof opportunity for clients offering even more advanced data driven targeting options accompanied by  a creative solution we hope will help advertisers at this difficult time.”

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