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SiriusXM slips launches of satellites

April 30, 2020

By Chris Forrester

SiriusXM is expecting to now launch its SiriusXM 8 satellite in “early 2021″, and SiriusXM 7 will now take place later this year.

The two satellites were ordered in late 2016. SiriusXM 7 is planned to replace XM 3 (at the time named as ‘Rhythm’) while Sirius XM-8 will replace XM 4 (launched in October 2006, and at the time called ‘Blues’). Both satellites are being built by Maxar Technology’s Palo Alto-based Space Systems/Loral division.

SiriusXM 7 was initially designated for a ‘late 2019’ launch. SiriusXM 8 was slated for a “Q1/2020” launch using SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets.

SiriusXM CEO Jim Meyer told analysts that the health of the fleet was good.

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