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Return to London 2012 on Eurosport UK

May 20, 2020

Starting May 24th and running for seven days, Eurosport UK will showcase the historic moments from one of the greatest Olympic Games of them all – London 2012 – available to watch on Eurosport 2.

Jamie Steward, Senior Director of Eurosport UK, said: “Whilst we are thrilled with the quality of programming we have been able to produce for Return to London 2012, naturally in these extraordinary times, this comes with it challenges of its own. The vast majority of the series has been produced and edited remotely, which in itself is a challenge given the amount of archive material that we have had to access and transfer, while there have been cases of content needing to be re-commentated as well.”

“As we seek to go simply beyond the archive, leveraging our relationships with the athletes themselves has been integral to telling the whole story of London 2012. What is fast becoming the ‘new norm’ is conducting interviews for discussion and analysis – of a quality fit for linear and digital channels – with talent via Zoom or similar technology.”

“The understandable constraints that have been enforced over recent weeks has accelerated remote production to varying degrees and I’m confident some of that technology and new process will become part of our standard working practice for years to come. For now though, our aim is to successfully capture the feel-good factor felt eight years ago across the eight days of Return to London 2012 programming and we’re confident viewers will enjoy what we are serving them,” he concluded.

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