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AccuWeather launches StoryTeller+

June 12, 2020

AccuWeather has announced the launch of the proprietary StoryTeller+, an all-in-one interactive touch screen solution that meets the heavy demands of newsrooms covering multiple angles of all stories. The suite of applications within this innovative technology supports a range of features in news stories, including live audience feedback, breaking news, weather, prime-time segments and election coverage, which is especially timely with 2020 being an election year.

As newsrooms across the country are seeking a differentiator in delivering the best, high-quality stories without having to sacrifice due to budget constraints, StoryTeller+ arrives just In time to meet professional broadcasters’ needs. Covid-19 coverage has necessitated that newsrooms adapt to new, flexible broadcast capabilities. At the same time, a steady rise in television news viewership has occurred. The need to create visually compelling, informative and audience-grabbing segments quickly, easily and expertly is now more important than ever in the competitive marketplace of local television. StoryTeller+ helps broadcast presenters keep audiences informed and engaged with a user-friendly platform for creating brilliant graphics and features such as maps, charts and live polling, all in one software program.

“We wanted to offer an adaptable solution for newsrooms covering all stories in all locations,” said AccuWeather Director, TV Operations Chris Gavlock. “StoryTeller+ combines the strongest elements of versatility and efficiency for journalists and producers, building effective presentations in the fast-paced environment of a newsroom. This innovative and very accessible software provides a powerful platform for communicating vital information during news presentations for teams that need a nimble, comprehensive solutions.”

Features available with StoryTeller+ include:

  • Telestrator: Refine presentations with highlights, arrows, lines circles and more, to communicate more effectively and indicate a specific point.
  • MediaMix: Easily incorporate graphics, canned videos, websites and live video sources for highly differentiated, cutting edge content delivery, allowing for newsrooms to enjoy a clear advantage with storytelling.
  • BallotBox: Empowers broadcasters to cover county-by-county, state-by-state, and even congressional district elections with the latest, most refined information.
  • LivePoll: Incorporate instantaneous viewer feedback into any story by running a poll and watching the results automatically present in real-time,  providing broadcasters an opportunity to engage directly with audiences and increase the viewer experience.

AccuWeather continues to expand partnerships with local television stations to provide journalists and weather teams with the critical tools necessary to be standout leaders within their local markets.  StoryTeller+ delivers dynamic transitions and improved mapping for superior presentations, saving on time and costs by allowing multiple producers to run the software simultaneously from their workstations.

AccuWeather is known for its dedication to weather forecasts and warnings with proven Superior Accuracy, and StoryTeller+ brings that same commitment to best-in-class quality and innovation to storytellers in any market.

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