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Eutelsat to order C-band satellite for US

June 23, 2020

By Chris Forrester

Eutelsat has told the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that it will clear its required C-band spectrum over the US, and will order a new C-band satellite to provide replacement capacity for existing services.

Eutelsat is required to clear its spectrum and have a satellite in orbit by 2023 in order to qualify for the FCC’s “accelerated” process and thus earn the FCC’s incentive payment.

Eutelsat has told the FCC it expects to have to pay around $171 million to clear its spectrum and to build and launch its new satellite.  As part of this $171 million, some $21 million will need to be invested in changing filters and other ground-based equipment and facilities.

The Paris-based operator currently has 4 satellites serving its clients in the US. The company will retire its Eutelsat-113 West A by the Spring of 2023, and the new satellite will accommodate clients from this craft as well as certain other clients.

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