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Gogo gets flying again

June 30, 2020

By Chris Forrester

Gogo’s Business Aviation division saw a dramatic post-Covid recovery last week. The company, which specialises in in-flight connectivity and supplies satellite-based broadband to passengers and crew, saw an impressive return to almost normality.

Gogo’s business aviation division focuses on private, non-commercial flying. For example, at the height of the pandemic it was serving less than 400 flights daily in mid-April. Last week, as an element of normality returned, Gogo served 3039 flights. Pre-Covid Gogo was handling around 3500 business flights a day.

“I’m encouraged because we’re seeing several positive trends taking shape in the market,” said Sergio Aguirre, president/Gogo Business Aviation. “We’ve strived to be a good partner with our customers to get through a very difficult time together, and we’re now in the midst of a measurable recovery as flight activity increases.”

Business aviation hit a low point in mid-April when many aircraft owners chose to park their aircraft and 30 percent of Gogo Business Aviation’s accounts chose to reduce their spending through either account suspensions or service-plan downgrades.

Since that time, however, nearly 60 per cent of Gogo’s suspended customers have reactivated their service, with approximately 80 per cent reverting to their original service plan.

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