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Harmonic powers Vodafone Gigabit network

July 29, 2020

Video delivery solutions specialist Harmonic has confirmed that multiplay telco Vodafone is actively rolling out its Gigabit Internet service across Germany using Harmonic’s CableOS virtualised access solution.

“During the last months, Vodafone largely increased the number of Gigabit households in Germany due to the nationwide rollout of DOCSIS 3.1 technology,” advised Guido Weißbrich, director of network planning and network deployment at Vodafone Germany. “Through gigabit networks we are building a digital society that improves lives, enabling businesses and consumers to connect anywhere at any time. We chose Harmonic’s CableOS solution to power our GigaCable Max service for its software-based architecture, scalability and efficiency, enabling us to deploy a world-class gigabit-capable network while solving critical space, power and cost challenges.”

“Vodafone Germany is breaking down broadband speed barriers and seeing great success with its Gigabit service,” added Nimrod Ben-Natan, senior vice president and general manager, Cable Access Business at Harmonic. “We believe a key success factor is Vodafone’s compelling strategic vision for differentiated gigabit networks that can reliably scale to meet growing consumption levels. Seeing our CableOS solution adopted by the largest cable operators in Europe and the US reinforces Harmonic’s conviction that CableOS is the cable broadband platform of the future.”

Harmonic is providing Vodafone with its CableOS vCMTS software, CableOS Remote PHY devices and CableOS Central cloud-connected management service, all deployed in an innovative new architecture optimised for Vodafone’s German network.

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