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Orange France launches AI-powered recommendations

October 16, 2020

ironSource Aura, an engagement platform for mobile carriers and OEMs, has announced a partnership with Orange France, who will be utilising the ironSource Aura solution on its Android B2C handsets across France.

Through the integration, Aura provides Orange France with the capability to optimise the device experience and provide valuable content, apps and services to its users from the moment of device setup, and throughout the lifecycle of the device. The platform is designed to elevate engagement between Orange and its users through the smart offering of select apps and services.

“After a long-standing and successful partnership with Orange in Spain and Poland, we’re excited to now partner with Orange in France, as the country’s largest mobile network. Our goal is to help them increase customer satisfaction by offering their customers relevant content and services in a natural and seamless way,” said Arnon Harish, President and Co-Founder of ironSource. “The ability to unlock numerous touchpoints throughout the lifecycle of a device which are suited to each user’s needs, offers an ideal platform for Orange to build brand loyalty and drive customer value through sharing relevant content.”

The majority of users download apps on the day they turn on their device for the very first time. During this high engagement touchpoint, Aura offers Orange customers a dynamic and native setup experience, enabling them to set up their new devices with content that fits their needs and interests. This engagement then continues throughout the lifecycle of the device, where powered by Aura’s AI and machine learning capabilities, Orange can deliver relevant and valuable content and services to help drive user engagement and increase satisfaction.

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