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T‑Mobile unveils cord-cutting TVision

October 28, 2020

By Colin Mann

Suggesting the move is aimed at people who are fed up with paying too much for big channel bundles, offering the chance to ‘cut the cord’ starting at just $10 per month, US multiplay telco T-Mobile has unveiled its next-gen TV streaming services — TVision LIVE, VIBE and CHANNELS — and TVision HUB, a new streaming device, available nationwide from November 1st.

According to T-Mobile, TVision is “TV done right”, and “everything you love about cable and streaming services, minus the stuff you don’t, like clunky boxes, annual contracts and expensive bloated packages just to get the channels you really want”.

“People are ready for real choice and real change in home TV, maybe this year more than ever before,” declared Mike Sievert, CEO of T-Mobile. “That’s exactly what TVision delivers… all at prices you’ll love. You can cut the cord for as little as ten dollars a month with TVision VIBE. Or if you want live news and sports, you can get it starting at just forty dollars a month with TVision LIVE. That’s TVision, and THAT is TV done right!”

“The Cableopoly holds TV fans hostage, bundling live news and sports into expensive packages with hundreds of other channels that people don’t want, and don’t watch. Something’s gotta change. And that’s what the Un-carrier does best — force change. Just like we changed wireless for good — today we’re going to change TV for good,” he asserted.

TVision is part of T-Mobile’s 5G strategy and vision to give consumers real options to the cable companies. “Because even when you cut the cord, you can’t quit Big Cable entirely,” claims the telco. “The Cableopoly are also the country’s biggest home Internet service providers. Now that Sprint has joined T-Mobile, the Un-carrier is building a 5G network with unprecedented coverage and capacity so that millions of Americans — especially those in rural areas — will finally have more options for wireless and home broadband.

T-Mobile says its fixed wireless broadband will deliver in-home service to over half of US households by 2026, which means more competition, more choices and better service for all. “T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet, together with TVision, means millions will finally … finally … be able to say goodbye to the Cableopoly for good. Buckle up, Big Cable. The Un-carrier is here,” it warns.

TVision streaming services and the TVision HUB will be available nationwide for all T-Mobile postpaid customers starting November 1st.


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