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EchoStar’s Jupiter 3 craft delayed to 2022

November 9, 2020

By Chris Forrester

Denver-based EchoStar says that its much-needed Jupiter 3 giant broadband satellite, originally slated for a launch in 2021 has been badly delayed. It is likely to be a year late in its launch.

The problems, while not specified, are almost certainly down to the Covid-19 virus and inevitable delays in construction at the Maxar Technologies factory. EchoStar had already highlighted probable delays back in May. But the slippage now means a launch is not likely before Q1/2022.

Jupiter 3 is a significant broadband satellite capable of 500 gigabit/second throughput and designed to expand consumer and business connections over North and South America for EchoStar’s Hughes Network subsidiary.

EchoStar has yet to select a company to launch the craft and CEO Mike Dugan said the delay might see the company saving some cash on an eventual launch contract. “We’re not expecting anything but a positive situation there.”

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