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Jump-Data Driven Intelligence & Digital Legends innovate gaming monetisation

December 10, 2020

JUMP Data-Driven Intelligence, the pioneers behind the cloud intelligence platform that turns digital services data into the knowledge they need to optimize digital businesses, has announced that Digital Legends Entertainment, a premier mobile developer acclaimed for their track record of high-quality multiplayer action games, is collaborating with JUMP in enabling in-app purchases game personalization through machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence that focuses on using algorithms to adapt the content proposed to the player based on their behaviour, in order to offer the best experience at all the stages of the user journey.

Throughout the years, Digital Legends Entertainment has maintained quality and innovation as their central pillars. The pivotal moment for the company arrived when they chose to focus on their own IPs, such as The Respawnables, Afterpulse, and their latest release, Respawnables Heroes. As a result, the studio has built its reputation as an international reference in mobile TPS action games and as one of the most sought-after studios for the testing of state-of-the-art technology.

Other important elements to their games’ success are community engagement and fluent conversation, which allow the studio to understand players’ motivations. Joining forces with JUMP is a major step in the increased reliance on deep learning agents to acquire an even more accurate understanding of the user’s needs.

“Offering your players exactly what they want at the exact time is key to keeping users engaged and this is the only way to succeed. Data-driven technology will  completely change  the gaming  industry as we know it and it is already transforming the way players interact with video games,”  says Jerónimo Macanás, CEO and co-founder of Jump.  “We are thrilled to support Digital Legends  to maximize their monetization performance by optimizing their players’ user experience through personalization and help better serve them. We are certain this will allow Digital Legends to unlock the full potential of their gaming service data, stay ahead of the crowd and keep their players even more engaged.

“Players’ experience is key to us and is what led us to embark on this project with Jump. Getting to know our players better, what they like, what they dislike, is essential for us to personalize the shop offering and adjust it to their needs. Nowadays, the amount of information and data available about players is increasing dramatically and is getting more and more difficult to not only analyse, but understand. Machine learning leads to a new paradigm that will enable us to optimize the data to improve the personalization of our games and innovate on how to improve monetization as a consequence.  We trust Jump and their artificial intelligence to succeed in this process, and we’re very happy with the preliminary results we’ve achieved so far.” says Xavier Carrillo Costa, CEO and founder of Digital Legends.

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