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DVEO joins SRT Alliance

December 11, 2020

DVEO, a TV/ OTT equipment supplier, has joined the SRT Alliance and completed integrating the SRT protocol into their product line.

The SRT Alliance was created by Haivision as an open-source application for transmitting video over links suffering from packet loss. The purpose is to improve the quality of live streaming over the internet by improving both quality and security. Many companies worldwide are adopting this new technology and the Alliance has a large membership that keeps growing.

“The addition of the SRT protocol was just another steppingstone to making DVEO’s content delivery capability more robust and more interoperable, stated Laszlo Zoltan”, CEO, DVEO. “Moreover, SRT protocol has so many benefits including the number of third parties”.

“DVEO wants to meet the needs of their clients and offer a tool that is reliable and accessible to everyone, therefore we have joined the SRT Alliance. We are looking towards the future and are excited to see how the SRT protocol will change the content delivery industry”, continued Zoltan.

“We are very happy to welcome DVEO to the SRT Alliance,” added Peter Maag, CMO and EVP Strategic Partnerships for Haivision. “The SRT Alliance and open-source movement continues to prove itself through the collaboration of over 450 leading broadcast and streaming companies.”

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