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SES launches HD+ for Ghana

December 16, 2020

By Chris Forrester

SES is tapping into local enthusiasm for multi-channel TV in Ghana by adding HD+ technology to its regular transmissions.

HD+, a subsidiary of SES, offers a significantly improved HD signal (1600 x 900 pixels) and is proving to be a tangible success in Germany.

Subscribers in Ghana will need a new decoder box capable of receiving HD+ signals. Initially, and as well as offering over 100 FTA channels in standard definition, viewers can also access eleven HD+ channel.

As of year-end 2019, over 4.4 million homes have their satellite dishes pointing at SES’s ASTRA 2F satellite and are able to receive over 100 FTA TV channels on the MultiTV platform in SD.  Ghana has a population (2018) of almost 30 million people, and a pay-TV audience of some 700,000 homes (Statista 2020).

The HD+ channels are: Adom TV, Joy Prime, GTV, UTV, Joy News, GhOne, Metro TV, TVXYZ, Citi TV, Angel TV and OneHD.

There are three subscription packages available: Ghanaian Cedi 25 (€3.50) for a month, GHS60 for three months and an annual package that costs GHS210.  There is a 2-month free access on offer.

SES says: “HD+ is open to all broadcasters and looks forward to partnering with additional broadcasters who want to deliver their content in high-definition quality.”

According to an IPSOS survey conducted recently by HD PLUS Ghana, about 50 per cent of TV homes in Ghana have an HD TV. While there are several international HD channels, there is only one FTA local channel in HD, with the rest of the local channels in SD. Over 95 per cent of households surveyed also said they were willing to pay for the high-quality viewing experience.

Speaking at the launch of HD+ in Accra, Theodore Asampong, Director of SES HD PLUS Ghana,said the introduction of HD+ into the Ghanaian market is in response to the high demand for better picture quality among satellite television viewers in the country.

“We are aware of the high demand for superior picture quality among television viewers and are confident that introduction of HD+ in Ghana will address this need and transform the way Ghanaians view content,” said Asampong. “It is noteworthy that local entertainment still leads in Ghana in terms of content and the fact that HD+ brings the top 12 local stations to Ghanaians viewers in high definition will be truly revolutionary. We have come with a promise of high quality and this will be delivered in the spirit of agile and unconventional service provision.”

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