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Turkey secures satellite orbital slot

December 16, 2020

By Chris Forrester

Turkey’s upcoming launch if its Turksat 5A satellite meant that the craft would secure the nation’s rights to the 31-degree East orbital slot.

The comments came from Airbus’ head of space systems, Jean-Marc Nasr, speaking to to news agency Anadolu Agency.

The new satellite will ensure the continued transmission of TV services and broadband data networks and provide coverage over Turkey, the MENA region, Europe and large regions of Africa.

“While the capacity of Turkey’s fifth-generation satellite Türksat 5A will be 45 percent up, its lifetime will be two times more compared to previous generations,” Nasr highlighted.

Turksat 5A is scheduled to be launched by a SpaceX rocket this week. Turksat 5B, its sister craft, is slated for launch in Q2/2021.

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