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TiVo, Pindrop partner for authentication

January 26, 2021

TiVo has made a strategic partnership with authentication startup Pindrop.

With Pindrop’s tech embeded into smart TVs, users could be authenticated based on their voice, as opposed to punching in usernames and passwords. Family members could also be differentiated by voice for the purpose of user profiles, and search and recommendation.

“Contextual awareness is key when engaging users through a Natural User Interface. Beyond just understanding what was said, we want to understand the context of the situation to drive intelligent system behaviour in the moment,” said Jon Heim, senior director of product and conversation services at TiVo. The ability to distinguish between different members of a household based on their voice is an example of this contextual awareness, enabling us to provide an unprecedented level of personalisation through an experience tailored to that specific person.”

Pindrop says it currently delivers voice solutions to 8 of the top 10 banks in the world. Founded in 2011, the startup has attracted venture investment of more than $212 million.

TiVo’s Android TV-powered Stream 4K device, which represents the company’s first dipped toe into the OTT market, offers voice support through Google Assistant. However, leveraging Xperi’s position in the global smart TV OEM market, TiVo aims to evolve its Stream 4K platform into a powerful connected TV platform fueled by TiVo’s search and recommendation software. Smart TVs powered by Stream 4K could begin to emerge later this year.

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