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Intelsat’s Court confirms SES litigation trial dates

June 28, 2021

By Chris Forrester

Judge Keith Phillips, who is overseeing Intelsat’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy reconstruction, has formally confirmed that the trial date for the SES vs Intelsat dispute over FCC payment allocations will start on September 20th.

A series of key requirements leading up to that date must also be met, said the Court’s order. Separately, SES is seeking a speedier Summary Judgement on its claims on Intelsat.

As to the September 20th event, the court said that both parties shall make a good faith effort to narrow the issues in the trial and to enter into written stipulations of any uncontroverted facts. The Stipulation (or in lieu thereof, a joint statement of counsel that no agreement as to any uncontroverted facts could be reached) shall be filed with the Court on or before August 31st 2021.

Also by August 31st both parties must present their list of exhibits and proposed exhibits.

By August 16th both parties must file lists of witnesses.

By August 27th counsel for both parties must file a list of those witnesses whose testimony is expected to be presented by means of depositions long with redacted transcripts of the pertinent portions of their testimony.

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