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Laguna connects the Balearic Islands

October 18, 2021

Sapec’s Laguna Media Processor solution (LMP) has been selected to manage the contribution links that connect the IB3 headquarters with the rest of the facilities across the Balearic archipelago.

The Balearic TV Broadcaster had the challenge of interconnecting the video transport between the Islands in such a way that the IB3 facilities of Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, could send two signals to the main headquarters in Mallorca, and also receive the return signal. In addition, the project required a management system that would allow IP connections/disconnections to be made quickly and easily.

The wished system had to be scalable (increase the number of signals) and upgradable to HEVC. Consumption, density, and homogeneity were also key factors that would provide the desired added value. LAGUNA could tick all the boxes on this project and therefore was the most suitable solution.

The system, already installed and in operation, consists of two Laguna QUAD in Mallorca HQ and one on each of secondary headquarters that will manage the transport (coding and decoding of these nine signals). Laguna’s versatility and scalability will allow the customer to increase the number of encoder/decoder channels, and even change an encoder to perform the decoding functionality (and vice-versa). The system allows the upgrade to HEVC by a simple software upgrade when needed.

As a management system, SAPEC has provided the VideoIPxPoint Management Software. This is a tool developed by SAPEC, which allows in a graphic and intuitive way, to make the IP connections / disconnections of the equipment, as well as to visualize the general status and alarms of the equipment.

LMP is a solution in constant evolution and with great growth possibilities, proof of this are some new functionalities developed during this year that can be incorporated into Laguna through a simple license installation. These are:

  • SRT: Which allows transmission over public IP networks.
  • SMPTE 2022-7: That allows to establish network redundancies.
  • UP/Down Conversion, both in encoding and decoding
  • SCTE 104 <-> SCTE35 Conversion: For local content insertion management.
  • Up to 8 stereo channels of audio per video signal.
  • Dual ASI output interfaces.                                               

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