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WildEarth launches on Metax

November 16, 2021

WildEarth has announced an agreement with Metax to become one of the first live linear channels available on the platform.

Nature lovers that wish to transport themselves to an authentic safari experience will be able to click on Metax’s apps ‘Open Browser’ and ‘Metax Play’ which are automatically available on a wide range of connected TV’s globally.

“WildEarth’s brand of immersive virtual nature experiences restores people’s lost connection to nature and we are excited to bring this benefit to the Metax Viewers,” commented Graham Wallington, CEO of WildEarth.

WildEarth’s live broadcasts focus on making the viewer feel like they are on a safari vehicle or actually under the water in a kelp forest or even on an African beach with a colony of wild penguins. The intention is not that the viewer is wowed through gruesome or dramatic behaviour of wild animals but rather that serendipitous moments of unscripted magic touch the heart and the viewer suspends their disbelief and feels as if they are actually there.

“The cooperation with WildEarth will provide our users with rich nature exploration content, making them feel closer to the great outdoors.” Commented Arella, BU head of Metaxsoft.

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