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Research: Italians families have 5 screens

November 22, 2021

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

Around 119.4 million screens are present in Italian households, 6.2 per cent more than two years ago, for an average of five screens per family.

The latest Auditel-Censis report reveals that there are 43.1 million TV sets in Italy (+1 per cent on 2019).

Of this number, around 15.5 million are Smart TVs (+46.6 per cent), although only 12.3 million are actually connected.

However, 27.7 million TV sets (64.2 per cent) are not compatible with second generation DTT, because they lack the DVB-T2 standard with the new HEVC Main10 encoding system.

Although the TV set remains the main device for watching TV, increasingly other screens are also being used individually or in combination with others. In fact, over four million Italians watch linear TV on their smartphones (+6.3 per cent), 2.7 million use their PCs (+41.1 per cent), while 1.2 million watch TV content on tablets.

An estimated 3.5 million Italians download movies from the internet (+33.3 per cent) and over 13 million watch non-linear TV content on on-demand platforms (+38.2 per cent).

Finally, Italians also have over 48 million smartphones (+8.9 per cent on 2019), almost 20 million internet-connected PCs, as well as 7.7 million tablets.

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