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SES earns $1bn from FCC

November 25, 2021

SES says it has received validation from the FCC in regard to the satellite operator’s Phase I C-band clearing obligations. It means that SES will receive $1 billion (€0.89) in an incentive payment from the FCC during the next few months.

There’s another almost certain $3 billion due to be paid by the end of 2023 should the next batch of C-band spectrum clearances be made on time.

“With the help of trusted partners across the US, SES has completed all necessary Phase I clearing and relocation activities. These activities included relocating all of its existing services that are received by Incumbent Earth Stations out of the 3700-3820 MHz band exclusively in the contiguous United States and making necessary equipment changes on all associated Incumbent Earth Stations. SES also modified its telemetry, tracking and control (TT&C) operations to operate above 4000 MHz and consolidated gateway services below 3820 MHz to two earth stations located in Hawley, PA and Brewster, WA,” says SES.

“In accordance with the FCC Report and Order published in the Federal Register on 23 April 2020, SES has satisfied the Phase I relocation requirements in advance of the first accelerated relocation deadline on 5 December 2021, making it eligible for the first accelerated relocation payment valued at close to $1 billion. SES expects this payment to be made in Q1 2022,” adds SES.

SES remains on track to clear 280 MHz of spectrum to speed deployment of 5G services in the US and is now focused on completing transition activities to meet the Phase II deadline of December 5th 2023. Successfully completing the Phase II activities by that deadline makes SES eligible for a further $3 billion accelerated relocation payment.

“We are pleased to have met the FCC’s ambitious Phase I accelerated clearing and relocation deadline. Over the past two years we have worked tirelessly to quickly clear spectrum while also carefully transitioning our customers’ services, and we are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished. This was a tremendous undertaking, and our success reinforces our confidence in our ability to meet the FCC’s Phase II deadline in 2023,” said Steve Collar, CEO at SES.

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