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SES and Intelsat “ahead of schedule” for C-band

January 25, 2021

By Chris Forrester

SES and Intelsat are still at legal loggerheads over the claimed $1.8 billion action by SES regarding the FCC’s 50/50 division of C-band incentive payments. Nevertheless, the pair met with Umair Javed, Legal Advisor for Wireless and International to FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel and presented a status report on their plans for clearing C-band frequencies.

In brief, they said the accelerated relocation is on schedule, and that SES and Intelsat expect to satisfy their clearing obligations by the Commission’s aggressive transition deadlines.

“The representatives also explained that SES and Intelsat are buying American, creating jobs, and investing billions of dollars in small and large businesses throughout the US to make this critical mid-band spectrum available for 5G by later this year,” said their confirmation letter.

The pair showed charts and timetables which state the system is on track to have cleared 120 MHz of 5G spectrum in high-demand areas by December 5th this year, and the full 300 MHz throughout CONUS by December 5th 2023 (the accelerated relocation deadline), and that they are ahead of schedule.

The two satellite operators have committed more than $3 billion to date including buying 13 satellites ($1.78 billion) and launches ($730 million).

SES has completed 49 per cent and Intelsat 51 per cent of their Phase 1 service transitions.

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