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Alchimie, Grupo Godó to launch Historiayvida.TV

December 16, 2021

Alchimie, the digital broadcast network, has announced a new alliance with Grupo Godó’s ‘Historia y Vida’ magazine to bring Spain’s favourite history publication to the small screen via Historiayvida.TV.

For over fifty years Historia y Vida magazine has been attracting readers seeking to interpret the present through the past, it currently Historiayvida.TV has over 1,000,000 unique users online making over 2.2 million page views. Now, the new subscription video on demand (SVOD) channel co-published with Alchimie, brings the past into the present with a monthly playlist of premium history programming chosen by Historia y Vida’s editorial experts. Historiayvida.TV will launch with a special offer of €2.99 per month for the first year of subscription, the promotional offer is available until end of January 2022, after which the channel will be priced at €4.99 per month.

Historiayvida.TV will launch with seventy titles, some of which have never been seen before in Spain, from award winning producers and distributors from around the world including, ZDF, Flame Media and Off The Fence, along with content from notable domestic producers and distributors RTVE, Deaplaneta, Atresmedia, BBC and Luk International.

For €4.99 per month, Historiayvida.TV can be accessed on any device, offering incredible high-definition ad-free documentaries and other content exploring the key historical events from different stages of history. Viewers can discover a world of history-focused programming through the lens of a subject, whether it’s cinema, fashion, painting, music, feminism, or aviation, offering an entertaining way to travel through time.

“We’re delighted to launch Historiayvida.TV with Alchimie. The magazine has a devoted reader base who are passionate about historical content and thirsty for more. We had been considering launching a channel for some time but only Alchimie has both the technology and quality of library content to match our audience’s high expectations”, Said Isabel Margarit, director of “Historia y Vida” magazine, a company belonging to Grupo Godó.

The channel’s playlists will be refreshed monthly to reflect themes linking to calendar events covered in the magazine, such as Women’s History Month, Black History Month and History of Fashion. Available content will be updated with relevant new history-focused documentaries, fact-ent series’, movies, and docu-fictions selected from Alchimie’s 70,000 hour premium content library.

“Historia y Vida is a perfect partner for Alchimie, the magazine’s editorial team really understands its audience’s interests and expectations; it has the editorial insight and supporting calendar to select timely content from our extensive library to resonate with its audience and it has the platform to introduce and market the channel to”, Said Blandine Weill, General Manager, Alchimie Spain.

Historiayvida.TV marks publisher Grupo Godo’s first foray into the world of digital subscription channels. Grupo Godó is one of leading media groups, responsible for Spain’s first most popular online newspaper, La Vanguardia, with 22.7 million unique users.

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