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mu Space to build 200 satellites

December 17, 2021

By Chris Forrester

Bangkok-based mu Space says it can build low Earth orbiting small satellites at just $4 million (€3.55m) each, and thus undercut its rivals which it says cost considerably more.

mu Space is already planning to build 200 of its MU-B200 craft which are suitable for delivering 5 Gb/s internet speeds to remote locations. The company is looking to tap into demand for satellite-delivered broadband.

The company says that its MU-B200’s $4 million price tag is approximately half that of similar products on the market, which range from around $7 – $10 million dollars. Mu Space, through its own vertical integration methods, says it has managed to lower the price dramatically, while cutting the waiting time and hefty associated costs.

In October of this year, mu Space unveiled plans for Factory 2, their third and largest facility to date. This expansion not only gave birth to more facilities but also allowed the company to scale their production. mu Space Corp has also continuously added to their team throughout this year and has reached 100 employees with plans to have 300 employees by the end of 2022, and putting the company on the map to become a leader in the global space industry.

The company says that one key feature of the MU-B200 is its power system, whose efficient design has reduced cost by up to 25 per cent, while achieving capacity that is 3.3 times greater than the market today, and a life cycle that is 2.75 times greater. The power system is also equipped with sensors that are able to track its power consumption and control its usage to the most efficient level possible.

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