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Wyler sticks to 100,000 satellite plan

February 7, 2022

By Chris Forrester

Greg Wyler was instrumental in founding OneWeb. Prior to that he was instrumental in the establishment of O3b (standing for the ‘other 3 billion’ of global unconnected homes). Both outfits let him go, but according to recent reports plus an interview given to the FT, he is determined to see 100,000 satellites launched in conjunction with the Rwandan government.

Wyler says the project has now raised $50 million in initial seed funding (from Prime Movers Lab) which at least propels his E-Space scheme up to a new level of seriousness.

The FT says that E-Space “aims to create a vast “mesh” network of small satellites that can deliver bespoke and commercial services to business and government, from secure communications to remote infrastructure management.”

Wyler has an aggressive launch plan, at least for test vehicles and says the start-up plans to launch its first test satellites next month and a second batch at the end of the year, after which it aims to start building its constellation.

Wyler recognises that his company was likely to require more cash, but stressed to the FT that in his view the proposed network would cost a fraction of existing LEO constellations.

“The historical model of spending $5 billion – $10 billion is broken,” he said. “We are running at about 10 per cent of the cost of prior LEO constellations.”

Wyler added that E-Space has all the formal licences needed to be able to deliver the service on multiple frequencies and acquired via the government of Rwanda. The Rwandan government was an original – albeit modest – investor in OneWeb.

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