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Eve World announces Eve Creator World Programme

February 10, 2022

Eve World, a women-only platform that proffers expression, creation, and community enablement, announces the launch of its unique and exclusive Eve Creator World Programme.

The invite-only programme aims at partnering with the next generation of content creators, based on their ideas, purpose, and expertise. As a first, women Creators will be shortlisted and offered an invitation upon evaluation of their content based on impact and purpose and NOT by followers. They will also have an opportunity to tap into funds to further enable their journey on the platform.

Speaking on the initiative, Tarun Katial, Founder & CEO – Eve World, said: “The Eve Creator World Programme is curated to empower and build the micropreneurship ecosystem for women creators, to own their content and community, while creating opportunities for innovative and wide monetisation. The idea is to allow collaborations with creators who are subject matter experts and embody our core values. We invite them to be our ambassadors to peer creators and drive impact through their video-first content, thereby growing the tribe and community.”

Aparna Acharekar, Co-Founder – Eve World, added: “Eve World is built on the principles of ‘participative ownership’ and ‘micropreneurship’ for all women. It has several monetisation opportunities inbuilt while enabling transparency of data, access to analytics, insights into community and user behaviour. The platform also offers regular mentorships and training workshops, along with global peer interactions to enable Creators to use, learn and innovate on the platform.”

Content discovery and monetization are some of the biggest challenges creators face today. Revenue from their content is inconsistent until they reach a scale.

To address these challenges, the Eve Creator World Programme endeavours to put creators in the drivers’ seat for Web 3.0. They aim to offer diverse monetisation models that will allow creators to put the joy back into building social interactions and designing a community. Eve World intends to kickstart a virtuous cycle of opportunities and better monetisation models for women creators.

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