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WatchParty ShowTime from VisualOn

February 14, 2022

Streaming solutions provider VisualOn has confirmed the availability of its new VisualOn WatchParty ShowTime feature. This latest advanced feature of its co-watching solution offers a new content category to increase viewer engagement and loyalty. It says the ShowTime feature takes the co-watching experience to the next level by giving viewers access to their favourite VIPs while combining it with their favourite content through a branded interface.

Co-watching apps have already proven to bring people together as socialisation moves increasingly online. Almost one-quarter of US TV viewers have used a co-viewing app in 2021, according to a survey by Hub Entertainment Research.

WatchParty ShowTime receives the broadcast or streaming feed and passes it to the assigned commentators. Then synchronises with audio and video feeds and delivers them to viewers in real-time. VIPs and special guests access the video and audio chat functions, while viewers are equipped to choose their preferred commentator’s channel and interact in real-time by posting their comments to a dedicated WatchParty chat room.

New programming experiences include:

  • A favourite celebrity can talk about the behind-the-scenes stories as viewers watch their latest movie together and ask questions along the way.
  • Sports and esports commentators can give play-by-play details and share their insights into game strategy – as it is happening.
  • Musicians can break down the making of a song or album as viewers watch the videos and lyrics. Viewers can post questions in the dedicated chat or share their stories on what the song means to them.

“Video service providers are always trying to find ways to attract and retain loyal viewers, particularly as they are experiencing subscription fatigue with all the choices available today,” said Yang Cai, President & CEO at VisualOn. “We see WatchParty ShowTime as a combination of celebrity podcasts/talk shows, original programming, and interactive social media features rolled into one compelling solution that will help service providers stand out from the competition.”

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