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Brook v Khan fight anti-piracy warning

February 17, 2022

By Colin Mann

Ahead of the Kell Brook v Amir Khan catchweight fight this weekend, only available in the UK via Sky Sports Box Office, Kieron Sharp, CEO of intellectual property protection body FACT has highlighted the dangers of illegal streaming.

“Ending one of Britain’s longest standing grudges, the Kell Brook v Amir Khan fight this weekend is looking to be exciting viewing, pulling in spectators from across the country,” noted Sharp. “Some fans may be tempted to illegally stream, but it’s important that they understand the significant risks that this poses – three out of five people in the UK (62 per cent) are unaware that illegal streaming can expose users to fraud, identity theft and malware. Our research also found that one in three (33 per cent) people admitted that they have experienced fraud, been hacked or have been exposed to online scams as a result of illegal streaming.”

“Viewers should know that piracy derives from unlawful enterprises that put money straight into the pockets of criminal gangs. This is not a grey area – anyone tempted to turn to illegal streaming for the Kell Brook v Amir Khan fight this weekend should think twice about whether it’s really worth it. Viewing through official providers is the only way to watch the fight legally and avoid those risks,” he advised.

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