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LTN Global launches LTN Lift

April 13, 2022

LTN Global, an player leader in transformative media technology and video transport solutions, has announced the launch of LTN Lift, a fully managed, cloud-based playout solution for the automated creation of live, linear channels to reach cross-platform audiences.

Faced with shrinking audiences on traditional linear platforms and an ever-increasing cost of content, broadcasters and media companies need to widen their reach across OTT platforms and FAST services while maximizing the yield from their content assets.

LTN Lift brings together a range of LTN’s advanced playout, signaling and video transport technologies built around LTN’s industry-leading IP video network. It automates versioning of a primary linear channel, seamlessly spinning up secondary channels and integrating live and non-live programming. LTN Lift helps media organizations thrive in the digital era, particularly news and sports-producing broadcasters and station groups. LTN Lift enables customers to automatically create new channels in the cloud, with altered programming to fit cross-platform programming requirements or provide richer content for different audiences.

The managed service offers a highly redundant, scalable cloud-based platform with virtual accessibility. This means that content providers can manage the service anywhere and rapidly scale up services based on evolving requirements.

“In a fiercely competitive and complex media landscape, maximizing the value and reach of your content has never been as important as it is today. Media customers need to get their best content to viewers wherever they are watching — and they need to do this efficiently and at scale,” said Malik Khan, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder. “LTN Lift is a unique service that empowers our customers to lead in the digital era, and we’re already seeing early adopters among broadcast groups achieve outstanding results.”

LTN Lift includes automatic asset creation capabilities, seamless live source management and signal acquisition as well as delivery through the LTN Connect and LTN Transport solutions, and automated playout via LTN Schedule. LTN’s built-in signaling and ad enablement technologies provide customers with the foundation to achieve optimum monetization through advanced advertising on any platform.

Underpinned by a 24/7 dedicated support infrastructure and an expert team of engineers and broadcast professionals, LTN Lift allows customers to reduce risk, free up resources for creative tasks – and maximize reach in the digital era. LTN Lift is currently in production by all stations in one of the four major US-owned broadcast groups.

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