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Spain: 101 local DTT licences

April 29, 2022

From David del Valle in Madrid

The Regional Government of Andalucia, in the south of Spain, has awarded 101 local DTT licences throughout Andalucia for a 15 years period.

Overall 112 licences were at stake in 45 slots, but 11 were  ultimately voided.

There were 487 applications from 54 bidders. Among the successful bidders are Publicaciones del Sur with 20 licences; Comunicacion y Servicios with 9; Procono with 5 and Pedro Pérez with 5. Football teams Sevilla FC and  Real Betis were also granted with licences.

By province, Almeria got 14 licences; Cadiz, 15; Córdoba, 16; Grabada, 13; Huelva, 8; Jaen, 8; Malaga, 15 and Seville, 12.


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