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SF Studios announces The Final Race

May 16, 2022

SF Studios has announced its new Swedish action comedy The Final Race, directed by acclaimed director Edward af Sillén (A Piece of My Heart). It is a comedy for the whole family that takes place in an action-packed world of car racing with a screenplay written by Edward af Sillén, David Hellenius and Lars Vasa Johansson. David Hellenius and Elsa Öhrn (JJ+E/Vinterviken), will play the leading roles as father and daughter. Hollywood-star Malin Åkerman (A Piece of My Heart, Billions, Rock of Ages) will play the role as mother and ex-wife. The Swedish stellar cast also includes Jonas Karlsson, Johan Glans, Johan Ulveson, Peter Dalle, Sara Soulie, Ola Forssmed, Sissela Kyle, and Malte Gårdinger.

The shooting will start this week in Sweden and the film is expected to premiere in Swedish cinemas on Christmas Day 2023, followed by an international release and launch on C More/TV4. SF Studios produces the film with producer Stefan H. Lindén and distributes the film in the Nordics. Reinvent handles international sales.

The Final Race tells the story of the street racing legend Dennis (David Hellenius), who has lived his whole life on the wrong side of the law. After neglecting his marriage and being absent for most of his 16-year-old daughter Hanna’s (Elsa Örhn) life, Dennis has decided to start living a responsible and quiet life. This is something that is soon disrupted, when Dennis finds out that his daughter Hanna will participate in a race with her new boyfriend Charlie (Malte Gårdinger). To stop Hanna, Dennis and his ex-wife Tove (Malin Åkerman) embark on a journey to bring their daughter back home. It is the beginning of a thrilling final race through Sweden and a journey they will never forget…

The film is directed by Edward af Sillén, who has had great success with his latest films, the directorial debut A Piece of My Heart (2019) and as a screenwriter for Holy Mess (2015). He is also known for his achievements as a screenwriter and director for several theater productions, musicals and entertainment programs, most recently with Malmö Opera’s acclaimed production As It is in Heaven.

“I am always driven by an enormous desire to do things that the cinema audience has not seen before – and have for a long time had a secret dream of making a great Swedish car action comedy. So, with this dream cast and a magical team around me it is just to fasten your seat belt and drive! ”, says Edward af Sillén, director and screenwriter.

The screenplay is written by Edvard af Sillén, David Hellenius and Lars Vasa Johansson and is inspired by the Norwegian successful film series Burning (2014, 2016, 2020), which is also a car action comedy. Acclaimed comedian, actor and TV host David Hellenius also plays the male lead Dennis.

“It will be so much fun to start shooting The Final Race. It will be entertainment for the whole family, which is exactly what I want when I go to the cinema “, says David Hellenius, lead actor and screenwriter.

The internationally acclaimed star Malin Åkerman plays the role as Dennis’ ex-wife in the film and thus returns to Swedish film and a new collaboration with Edward af Sillén. The last time they worked together was on the musical film A Piece of My Heart (2019).

The Final Race is a tribute to the car action comedy. With Edward as director, fantastic actors, great stunt scenes and an incredibly entertaining screenplay, I feel that we have the best of the conditions to create an unforgettable film experience for the cinema audience “, says Stefan H. Lindén, producer at SF Studios.

The principal shooting will start in this week in the western part of Sweden and then continue Norrbotten. The car action scenes will be shot in Sweden with an international stunt and VFX team.

SF Studios is the producer of the film and handles Nordic distribution. The film is co-produced with C More / TV4, Film i Väst, Filmpool Nord and with support from the Swedish Film Institute. Reinvent handles international sales.

The Final Race is expected to premiere in cinemas in Sweden on Christmas Day 2023, followed by an international release and launch on C More/TV4.

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