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Telesat demos LEO over India

May 19, 2022

By Chris Forrester

Canadian satellite operator Telesat has showcased its potential low Earth orbiting Lightspeed system with a connectivity demonstration over India.

Telesat, working with Indian satellite service provider Nelco, used its first LEO test satellite, to provide the demo. The signals went to a routine 85 cm parabolic dish antenna at Nelco’s Teleport outside Mumbai.

Round-trip signals took just 35 milliseconds to make the journey and various applications were tested including YouTube signals and live TV video.

More than 50 organisations including government ministries and departments took part in the trials.

“With this successful test, we are confident of bringing Telesat Lightspeed LEO satellite communication services to India. This will help in addressing the need of the market for fibre-like connectivity in the remotest parts of the country with high reliability and flexibility of satellite communication. Telesat Lightspeed services will deliver significant benefits for applications like 4G/5G backhaul, mobile hotspots, telemedicine, village connectivity and more,” said P J Nath, CEO of Nelco.

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