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Starlink uses Germany to file for new satellites

May 24, 2022

By Chris Forrester

SpaceX’s Starlink broadband system has used Germany’s BNetZA (Bundesnetzagentur), the country’s Federal regulatory office for telecommunications, for a number of new satellite filings.

The filings were made on behalf of Starlink’s German subsidiary. The German regulatory office will handle the applications with the International Telecommunications Union.

The filings cover a total of 6,184 satellites working in the Ku and Ka-bands. The filing says that the ‘Mars-K3’ batch cover 3,192 satellites operating in 86 planes at 522.5 & 540 km.

The ‘Mars-K4’ batch involve 2,992 satellites operating in 132 planes at 522.5, 540, 560 & 570 km.

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