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Samsung working on “superior to OLED” tech

May 25, 2022

By Chris Forrester

Samsung is reported to be having second thoughts on its deal with LG Display to buy their (White) OLED TV screens. The plan is for Samsung continue developing their own technology which they describe as being “superior” to LG’s high-end screens.

Currently, Samsung is pushing ahead with their normal range of screens which are “as good as OLED” and much less expensive. Samsung officials have reportedly said that they believe consumers looking to invest in new large screens ahead of the Qatar World Cup 2022 football competition will not notice a difference between OLED and Samsung’s own NEO QLED screens.

Samsung, in the recent past, has been in negotiation with LG Display for a supply of LG’s OLED panels and they initially wanted a reported 2 million LG screens.

Samsung is known to be further developing its QD-OLEDs quantum dot displays and the sector is reporting that developments of its MicroLED and MiniLED options with smaller back lights (and which are used in its NEO QLED screens) are both energy efficient and generate superior brightness levels.

Samsung has said that its QD-OLEDs with the now obligatory 4K resolution will have about 8.3 million (3840 x 2160) light sources that can be controlled separately, enabling an extremely high contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 and offering superior image detail and better HDR response.

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