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Intelsat gains Final Decree

July 4, 2022

By Chris Forrester

June 30th saw Intelsat’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy confirm another stage in its overall exit from its financial reconstruction. Judge Keith Phillips signed off Intelsat’s Final Decree which affected dozens of “Affiliated Cases” and involving most of the Intelsat sister and subsidiary trading entities.

A few cases remain pending and open to be resolved and include claims against Intelsat SA, Intelsat US LLC and Intelsat Licence LLC.

The process is all part of a tidying up operation by Intelsat’s various lawyers, and permits obligatory payments to be made to the US Trustee as part of Intelsat’s exit from Chapter 11.

The Chapter 11 list of cases now considered closed includes claims against 31 Intelsat-related businesses including PanAmSat International Sales LLC, Intelsat Genesis Inc., Intelsat Satellite LLC, Intelsat Luxembourg SA, Intelsat Holdings SA, and others.

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