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Survey: CNBC claims #1 business brand in Europe

July 6, 2022

CNBC has announced that, in the latest Ipsos Affluent Europe 2022 survey, it has affirmed its position as the number one business news provider in Europe on a multiplatform basis, driven by a 12 per cent growth at a brand level.

The Ipsos Affluent Europe 2022 survey covers the top 20 per cent of households across 21 European countries and is based on fieldwork conducted between January-December 2021. The survey is one of the primary research reports advertisers use to determine their target audience reach and engagement, as well as how to allocate their advertising budgets.

The survey revealed a 6 per cent rise in monthly TV reach and a 23 per cent increase in monthly digital reach for CNBC, contributing to a 12 per cent expansion in monthly multiplatform reach.

CNBC has increased its brand growth in major European markets, specifically by 19 per cent in Germany, 20 per cent in France, and 18 per cent in the UK. The TV channel continues to gain viewers, with the data showing a bounce back in monthly and daily viewers following the pandemic. CNBC reaches 6.1 million affluent adults across Europe, making it the top business TV station in nearly every territory covered by Ipsos. Digital growth has also outpaced the rise seen by most of competitor brands.

John Casey, President and Managing Director of CNBC International said: “These results reflect the incredible work done by the CNBC editorial teams in providing actionable insights on air and online, chronicling developments in an ever-changing world and drawing out the key links for market participants.”

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