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UK antenna specialist solves major comms problem

August 3, 2022

UK-based Isotropic Systems has changed its name to All.Space. It has also announced a major breakthrough with its ‘fifth-generation smart terminal’ which is one unit and capable of transmissions for cellular and satellite networks.

Working from its Reading R&D facility, All.Space stated that it will start volume production of the new device which can connect networks via multiple, simultaneous links later in 2022. The device can handle 3G, 4G and 5G technology as well as signals for satellite.

The company says its new device is “The world’s only communication platform that gives you access to multiple satellite and terrestrial networks concurrently from a single device”.

All.Space has already tested its kit on SES craft operating in geostationary and mid-Earth orbits at the same time. SES is an investor in All.Space.  The company has also tested its equipment with US and UK government agencies.

John Finney, CEO at All.Space, says there’s a pressing need to connect to satellites in different orbits. “We have created the next chapter for the all-important ground segment.”

“This will be a catalyst for a whole new era of communications, defined by multiple full-performance connections, power and waveform integration, computing, resource control, and intelligent routing that enables a range of value-added software-defined services. These services deliver edge-based intelligence, decision making, and operational efficiency capabilities to our customers,” said Finney.

The company says that it will start shipping its equipment to fulfil a significant backlog of commercial and NATO clients.

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